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Frozen Snacks

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  2. Meat Calzone (Meat stuffed Parota)
    As low as ₹149.00
    Meat Calzone (Meat stuffed Parota)
  3. Vegetable Samosas
    As low as ₹449.00
    Vegetable Samosas
  4. Vegetable Spring Roll
    As low as ₹449.00
    Vegetable Spring Roll
  5. Chicken Seekh Kebab
    Chicken Seekh Kebab
  6. Meat Samosas
    As low as ₹523.00
    Meat Samosas

    A firm festival staple in so many homes. Celebrations get taken up a notch with our crispy and delicious meat samosas

  7. Meat Cutlets
    As low as ₹276.00
    Meat Cutlets

    Tender within and crispy on the outside. Our meat cutlets are a perfect fallback for long TV marathons, unexpected visitors, or some delicious me-time.

  8. Chicken Nuggets
    As low as ₹261.00
    Chicken Nuggets

    Always a classic kid-snack. Make sure you've got a bag of our succulent chicken nuggets stashed away in your freezer.

  9. Chicken Spring Rolls
    As low as ₹290.00
    Chicken Spring Rolls

    A South Asian classic. A medley of chicken and vegetables come together in a delicate pastry wrap. All you need to do is fry them and whisk your diners away to their favourite oriental restaurant memories.

  10. Chicken Samosa
    As low as ₹290.00
    Chicken Samosa

    Regale friends and family at tea time or zing up a boring mid-week meal with our succulent chicken samosas.

  11. Chicken Cutlets
    As low as ₹247.00
    Chicken Cutlets

    A hearty snack that's ready in minutes. Our chicken cutlets are so satisfying, your guests won't believe they came out of a freezer pack.

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Items 1-12 of 19

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